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Product Checker for
 international birocrathy

Determine the probability of your product to be export-controlled for free!

Sanction lists finder

Check the end user on US, UN, EU and UK sanctions lists for free!

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hs\hts codes classification

Drag and drop a product specification and you will immediately get a HS code classification

Export control analysis

Drag and drop a product specification and you will immediately receive a suitable classification for a variety of export/import regulatory regimes

Licensing system by state and exceptions

Export license check for certain countries as well as exclusions.

Corporate background check

An in-depth background check on organizations, companies, personalities and the collection of information in the sz system

Search in sanctions lists

Smart search by dedicated algorithms in international and local sanctions lists including the lists of the US and the UN

Dedicated reports

At each stage, an official report can be produced that summarizes all the relevant information directly to email or to download.

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