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Startup maps technologies to international regulatory regimes

The article was published in the newspaper “Foreign Investment Watch” one of the leaders in the United States in terms of investing in foreign companies as well as regulation

A new Israeli company has launched a defense and dual-use export-control platform that can analyze technologies and map them to multiple international regimes, from the U.S. and EU to the Wassenaar Arrangement. 

Safe-Zone CEO Eyal Bar-Or
The company, called Safe-Zone, was launched by Israeli entrepreneur Eyal Bar-Or, and is staffed with several export-control experts, including CTO Itzik Dekel, who previously served with the Defense Export Controls Agency of Israel’s Ministry of Defense. 
Here are the basic details on the company and its technology offering:


The company offers a multi-regime export-control platform that analyzes and investigates products, materials and components, and classifies them in accordance with international regimes.


Among the international export-control regimes covered by the system:


Screenshot from a promotional video posted on Safe-Zone’s Website.
According to Safe-Zone, the company’s platform enables customers to comply with local laws and international arrangements, preventing errors that could cause “significant delays in exports, heavy fines, and even criminal charges.”


Safe-Zone CEO Eyal Bar-Or tells Foreign Investment Watch that the platform has multiple “layers of defense,” including checks against Export Control Classification Numbers, and OFAC sanctions lists. The company can provide reports on particular products and companies.


Bar-Or says the product will be relevant to regulators, startups, investors, and even law firms that want to ensure compliance with U.S. and global regulatory regimes. “Our goal is to serve any VC investor as well as any company that wants to comply with U.S. law,” says Bar-Or. “We also aim to give law firms a real technical backbone in order to make sure their clients will not invest in a company that will put them in trouble with U.S. enforcement agencies.”


Safe-Zone’s Website is and the CEO Eyal Bar-Or is at